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80 Shadowhunters icons

Here's 80 icons on the TV series Shadowhunters, all made for challenges at LiveJournal. There are many alternates this time. For those of you that do not watch the show but are just curious to look at those icons; there are two guys kissing, so you have been warned.

12 Magnus & Alec, 8 Magnus, 4 Alec, 4 Alec & Jace
14 Izzy, 5 Simon & Izzy, 3 Simon, 1 Simon & Clary
11 Clary, 10 Jace & Clary, 4 Jace, 4 Hodge Starkweather

- See the rest here -

364 Multi-Fandom Icons

219 Multi-fandom Icons (includes variations)
56 Doctor Who, 14 Sapphire and Steel, 19 Humans
12 Once Upon a Time, 15 Merlin, 27 Empire, 76 Various TV

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[personal profile] efficio2017-04-22 12:29 pm
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241 | the 100, reign, riverdale, victoria.

56 | the 100
118 | reign
39 | riverdale
28 | victoria

( here at bungalows )
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[personal profile] lost_spook2017-04-20 08:39 pm
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31x Duchess of Duke Street icons


 photo ac2_zpsrwa6yjha.png  photo john1_zpsyjqsbxil.png  photo please12_zpsvkj0s3pd.png

31x Duchess of Duke Street (BBC 1976-77) here at my journal.
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[personal profile] anandrine2017-04-17 12:58 pm
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49 assorted anime icons

# 1-15 sailor moon crystal
# 16-20 sailor moon original
# 21-26 puella magi madoka magica
# 27-28 shelter (short)
# 29-34 princess jellyfish
# 35-46 makoto shinkai (multiple)
# 47 magic knights rayearth
# 48-49 long live the queen



see them all at my dw!

9 Angel Icons

Posting some icons. Feel free to use as you like, but don't claim them as your own.


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[personal profile] annariel2017-04-17 01:25 pm
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Doctor Who: Tegan Icons

Texture in the first by [livejournal.com profile] simpleandclean.

Snagging is free. Credit is appreciated. Comments are loved.
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20 Lucifer icons

I made these icons for [livejournal.com profile] episodes20in20:
lucifer211_04.26 lucifer211_10.29 lucifer211_26.42

The rest here

Do you want to interact with other iconmakers on Dreamwidth? Want to participate in challenging activities? Then [community profile] icontalking is for you! [community profile] icontalking A place for iconmakers to talk about icons and get up-to-date info on iconmaking activities. Join here.
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Outlander icons

 Made a few big batches of Outlander icons a while back.

1. 2. 3.

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[personal profile] nrgburst2017-04-14 03:55 pm
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9 Thor Ragnarok icons

Others here on my journal
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✰ 34 nier automata
✰ 18 bungo stray dogs

here @ [personal profile] recondites
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  244 x Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

@ my DW