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25 Multifandom Icons

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High School Musical (12)
Elementary (10)
Heroes (3)
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Star Trek Novel Icons

20 Star Trek: Rihannsu icons and 55 other Star Trek TOS book cover icons over here.
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20 Icons


the rest here @ [personal profile] larmay

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50 Arrow + 10 Supergirl + 20 Lucifer icons

8 Oliver & Felicity, 8 Oliver Queen, 12 Felicity
2 Carrie Cutter-Cupid, 2 Cupid & Deadshot
4 Floyd Lawton-Deadshot, 1 John Diggle, 3 The Flash
1 Thea & Oliver, 4 Thea-Speedy, 5 Laurel Lance

9 Kara-Supergirl, 1 Mon-El-Mike

4 Lucifer & Chloe, 12 Lucifer Morningstar
4 Chloe Decker, 1 Trixie

- See the rest here -
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55x Dracula (1968) Icons


55x Dracula (1968) icons (including 8 text only) HERE @ my Dreamwidth.
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60 Final Fantasy XV - Prompto Argentum only batch 2

60x textless icons from Final Fantasy XV. Prompto only. Also has icons from Episode Prompto and Assassin's Festival


Rest of the icons here @ [personal profile] famira
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...that I did last month for challenges - fandoms are Blakes 7, Criminal Minds, Dr Who, Merlin, NCIS, Primeval, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, The Sentinel... plus just one each for NCIS:LA, Penny Dreadful, Star Wars and The Borgias, plus few classic film actresses...

01. 02. 03.
They're this way...

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122 icons
disney ariel
stock and a few more

more here @[personal profile] rolliraserin
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lion king

20 Zazu icons for [community profile] disney20in20

rest to be found here @ [personal profile] pureimagination
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✰ 120 voltron ( season 3 )
✰ 15 overwatch ( mei )

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