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8 icons → legend of korra.
8 icons → agents of shield.
17 icons → the winter soldier.
29 icons → the vampire diaries.
49 icons → the 100.
111 icons total.

here @ [community profile] bungalows
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64 icons of agents of shield and agent carter
— 14 of bobbi morse.
— 9 of lady sif.
— 6 of melinda may.
— 18 of skye.
— 6 of jenna simmons.
— 2 of grant ward.
— 3 of maria hill.
— 7 of peggy carter.

here @ [community profile] shithouse
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[1-54] Arrow
[55-74] The Flash
[75-83] Agents of SHIELD (Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird)
[84-98] Agent Carter
[99-125] Guardians of the Galaxy
[126-139] Outlander (Claire)


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Twenty - seven icons of Melinda May for Round 64 at character20n20

Comments are love, credit is appreciated. Hotlinking is not, please don't do that. Blanks are not bases.


 photo Chara20n20Rd64AC3_zps463f3328.png photo Chara20n20Rd64Cat1-1_zps68aa7580.png photo Chara20n20Rd64SameScene_zpsaca1d9a7.png
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[1-22] The Flash
[23-42] Avengers: Age of Ultron
[43-94] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[95] Agents of SHIELD
[96-114] Guardians of the Galaxy
[115-141] Playing It Cool
[142-148] Snowpiercer
[149] Before We Go
[150-163] Actors

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I have 22 Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, 22 Amy Pond and 24 Agents of SHIELD icons to share. The Agents of SHIELD icons contain images up to the latest episode "Yes Men", but are mostly close crops and therefore shouldn't be overly spoilery.


68 icons here @ [community profile] love_sacrificed
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Whedonverse (Buffy, Agents of Shield, Much ado about Nothing, Angel)
Teen wolf
Various (Almost human, Elementary, Intelligence, Castle, Leverage, Warehouse 13, The blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Black Widow)

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Agents of SHIELD 1.10 Icons


21 Icons @ my DW

icon batch

Dec. 8th, 2013 07:49 pm
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Almost human, Arrow, The Blacklist, Supernatural, Firefly, Saga, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Captain Marvel, Farscape, SGU, Agents of Shield, Hansel & Gretel Witchhunters, Elementary, White Collar



Nov. 11th, 2013 10:58 pm
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 photo f_zps98992777.png photo LYDIA3_zps6a8c3af5.png photo 5_zpsbf4d49ec.png

✓ 18 agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
✓  19 Sleepy Hollow
✓ 30 Persona 4
✓ 10 The vampire diaries
✓  13 Teen wolf
✓ 15 The Hobbit
✓ 4 Simon Baker
✓ 5 Tomb Raider
✓ 2 Infamous
✓ 8 Heavy Rain
✓ 4 Once upon a time
✓ 11 Assassin's creed

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Agents of Shield, Buffy, Supernatural, Hocus Pocus, The Tomorrow People, Longmire, Dollhouse, Stargate Sg-1, Major Crimes, Garrow's Law, Haven, The Blacklist, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow

all here
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[1-51] Iron Man 3
[52-86] Agents of SHIELD
[87-91] [community profile] iconthat (Under the Dome, Elementary, Star Trek, Star Wars)


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25 Longmire icon (+3 alts)
2 Sleepy Hollow icons
2 Agents of SHIELD icons
1 each of: Star Wars, Star Trek Into Darkness, Under the Dome, Luther, Orphan Black, Continuum, Defiance (+4 alts)

here @ [community profile] thisisagraphicscomm


Apr. 7th, 2009 12:03 pm
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Comment with tag requests.

We ask members to refrain from using the tag request post tag. We don't always see it. Commenting is the best way to get your tag added.

The important thing to remember is we are only allowed 1000 tags. So please try to request tags that can be used by more than a select few.


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