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I recently posted my 20in20 sets for this month! There's River Song for round 33 @ [ profile] doctorwho20in20, Pushing Daisies (season 2) for round 33 @ [ profile] season20in20 and a mixed set featuring Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies and Lord of the Rings as well as some stock made for round 48 @ [ profile] free20in20.


60+32 icons here @ [community profile] love_sacrificed

I also posted some icons I made for [ profile] dwstills and [ profile] shire_icontest along with a handful icons I made just for fun amounting to 11 Doctor Who and 33 Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit icons.

Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit icons here @ [community profile] love_sacrificed