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Four Avengers (UK Tv Series) Icons

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OOh, very nice:)
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These are awesome! :-D I still can't get over how the young Diana Rigg (who also plays Lady Olenna Tyrell -- aka "The Queen of Thorns" on Game of Thrones) looks so much like how Natalie Dormer looks now! Seeing as how Natalie Dormer plays Lady Olenna's granddaughter, Margaery Tyrell. They seriously did awesome with that casting!

I'd forgotten what else Diana Rigg had played in prior to GoT; only remembered that she was a VERY famous actress and had been from the time she'd been a young woman. Spotted her in these icons, remembered hearing that pictures of Diana Rigg in her younger years looked nigh identical with how Natalie Dormer currently looks and BAM!!! On the money! Thus, now I remember that Lady Olenna Martell was once in the Brit spy show "Avengers" (never saw the show, but did see bits and pieces of the movie with Sean Connery and Uma Thurman)

Sorry for the rambling, folks. My meds got upped and my brain is like a bag full of squirrels til it adjusts to the boost o.O (Ummmmm.....ADHD FTW *facepalm*)