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Is The Expanse good? I've not heard much about it, other than the title. But I always need Shohreh Aghdashloo on my screen! I didn't know she was in this!
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Oh, I remember seeing that book and being interested in reading it! Have you read it? Does the show follow it closely or is it one of those "loosely based on" things?

Thanks, I might have to try and find it somewhere on the intertubes. I'm all about sci-fi and space opera!

I had to restrain myself from gushing too much about it.

My view is, there is no such thing as too much fandom gushing!
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Excellent, thank you! I'm actually between fiction books now. Maybe I will hit the library today!
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Bah, all copies are out. Figures.

Also *hearts* Jody. I am so behind on SPN and hiding from spoilers. Still haven't seen the S11 finale. Stupid real life!
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Sure. It's great to see some activity on DW. Finally!