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Others here on my journal
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12 Stargate Atlantis
1 Stargate SG1
1 Star Trek Deep Space Nine
2 Star Wars
5 Hunger Games
7 American Horror Story: Coven
5 Helix
4 Iron Man
7 The Avengers
1 Thor
1 Hercules
1 Downton Abbey

More here @ [community profile] big_blue_bin
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83x Icons:
35- Slayers
2- Gundam Seed, Rurouni Kenshin, Gurren Lagann
3- Inuyasha, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
1- Princess Tutu, Claymore, Baccano!, Gankutsuou, Suisei no Gargantia, Haruhi Suzumiya, Rayearth, Kino no Tabi, One Piece, Naussica, Gundam Wing, Fate/Stay Night, Sailor Moon, Macross Frontier, Howl's Moving Castle, Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Utena, Twelve Kingdoms, Samurai Flamenco.
1- Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Batwoman, Once Upon a Time, Tangled
11- Marvel Comics /Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Jun. 11th, 2014 10:49 pm
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Thor: The Dark World + Comedy Central Commercial

-Loki (lots of angsty!Loki)

96 Icons

More Over HERE

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Apr. 15th, 2014 09:09 pm
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[1-19] Iron Man 3
[20-41] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[42] Thor: The Dark World
[43-48] Hawkeye (comics)
[49-90] Actors (Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita N'yongo)


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Jan. 5th, 2014 10:26 am
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[1] The Avengers
[2-21] Iron Man 3
[22-34] Thor: The Dark World
[35-69] Captain America: The Winter Soldier
[70-102] Avengers: Endless Wartime

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Just posted 23 icons to my graphics journal here from the trailers and extended TV spot. Snurchable with comment and credit.


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Sep. 8th, 2013 02:39 pm
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[1-4] A+X #10 (Black Widow and Fantomex)
[5-17] Young Avengers vol. 2
[18-35] Avengers (Hickman)
[36-38] Captain Marvel
[39-41] Iron Man (The Secret Origin of Tony Stark)
[42-47] Thor: The Dark World

[personal profile] ariyanaforever
Thor: The Dark World
→ Darcy Lewis [12]
→ Frigga [03]
→ Odin [03]
→ Heimdall [02]
→ Jane Foster [28]
→ Jane Foster/Thor [08]
→ Thor [25]
→ Sif/Thor [01]
→ Sif [30]
→ Erik Selvig [02]
→ Volstagg [03]
→ Malekith [03]

over here!

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Jul. 25th, 2013 09:10 pm
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[1-10] Thor
[11-15] The Avengers
[16-18] Iron Man 3
[19-23] Agent Carter
[24-35] Captain America: Winter Soldier
[36-37] Chuck
[38-41] Catching Fire
[42-45] Smash
[46] Parks & Recreation
[47] Veronica Mars
[48-50] Orphan Black
[51-53] Continuum
[54-55] The Killing
[56-57] Smallville


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Jun. 7th, 2013 08:42 pm
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Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and Up for [profile] free20in20


For [community profile] iconthat:
[1-3] Defiance
[4-9] The Good Wife
[10] Easy A
[11] The Mindy Project
[12-14] Dollhouse

Extras/alternates from Pixar for [profile] free20in20:
[15-18] Finding Nemo
[19-20] The Incredibles
[21-23] Monsters Inc.
[24-34] Toy Story
[35-37] Toy Story 2

[38-74] Orphan Black
[75-99] Thor 2 trailer
[100] The Vampire Diaries
[101-105] Hyperbole and a Half
[106-108] Catching Fire poster


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Mar. 9th, 2013 10:23 pm
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01-11 Hark! a vagrant!
12-17 House of Lies
18-18 Supernatural
19-19 Thor
20-20 Elementary
21-23 Saga
24-25 Batwoman
26-32 Young Avengers
33-36 Teen Wolf
37-39 Angel


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Feb. 11th, 2013 01:48 pm
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[1-21] The Americans
[22-23] Aaron Tveit
[24-26] Jeremy Jordan
[27-34] [community profile] iconthat challenges (Veronica Mars, Thor, Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural)

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25 Avengers Icons from Marvel Phase One, Avengers, and Iron Man 3 trailer with 25 Marvel comics icons. In addition there is 15 Hunger Games Icons and 15 Doctor Who Icons.


The rest are posted at my journal here


Apr. 7th, 2009 12:03 pm
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